S-cape regencape

innovative rain protection

Informatie over de S-CAPE regencape in het nederlands

  • Innovative bicycle rain cape keeps your legs dry

    Unexpectedly caught in a shower while biking! You may have a raincoat with you but that wonít prevent your legs from getting wet. And there is nothing more uncomfortable than arriving at your destination with wet trousers. Many cyclists find it a bother to put on special rain trousers during a shower. Plus, you donít always have your rain gear with you.

    How does the S-CAPE work?

    The S-CAPE is an innovative rain cape that can easily be attached to the handlebars of your bicycle so that itís always within reach. As soon as it begins to rain, you just pull the cape out of its cover and fasten it around your waist with a Velcro strap. The S-CAPE is then stretched above your legs by looping the elastics around the handlebars and around your waist. Thanks to this clever design, you can freely move your legs while protecting them from the rain. The S-CAPE is perfect to use together with a raincoat.

    Safe and visible

    The reflecting elements on the S-CAPE make you even more visible in traffic, especially when visibility is limited by an unexpected shower.

    Always have your S-CAPE with you!

    Biking comfortably even in the rain? Get an S-CAPE


    Product information:

    The S-CAPE is made from 100% polyester for comfortable wear.
    The material has a water column of 5,000.
    (Each square centimetre of material can bear 5 litres of water).
    It also has taped seams that prevent water from leaking through. As a result the S-CAPE is lightweight and universal so that it fits on almost all standard models of bicycles
    It can also be used as a saddle cover.

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